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Jerry A. Rowland

For Jerry Rowland, Woodworking is more than an expertly honed, fine-tuned technique. It’s a youthful skill-turned-career craft and a lifetime pursuit. “Woodworking has always been a passion”, says Rowland, President of Handcraft Woodworking and Handcraft Construction Management in Boca Raton. Influenced by his father – an amateur woodworking gurú – Rowland spent his early years experimenting with virtually anything he could nail down. After moving to Florida in his teens he apprenticed at a cabinet shop where he rediscovered the craft, having neglected it during his parents’ separation. “I reunited with a love I’d lost and it really took over my life,” he says. Earning a degree in interior design with construction, top-notch finishes, and materials like wood, steel, and aluminum. “I like clean, simple and functional design,” he says. “When you walk into a well-designed space, you should feel as if a weight has been lifted off of you”.

Jerry Rowland is a master craftsman and millwork designer, well-versed in various design aspects, from modern to classical, creating timeless and elegant designs that never go out of style. He is a full scholarship graduate of the Fort Lauderdale Art Institute and is passionate about achieving flawless results and providing the very best product available.

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